There’s an App for that, Mac.

20 Oct

App for MAC

As usual, there was a lot of hype over Steve Jobs keynote presentation today. And as usual, he didn’t disappoint. He told us earlier this week it’s “back to MAC” and boy was he right!

Here is the short and sweet of what to expect with the new MAC Applications:

  • Mac App Store which will be in Mac OS X Lion. It will be much the same as the current App Store found in iOS devices. 90 days and counting til it opens!
  • Apple says the ¬†Apps will be managed in the ‘Launchpad’. Ooooh sounds so awesome!
  • There will be a 70/30 split between free and paid Apps.
  • It will essentially be the same thing for developers, too.
  • Apps will download¬†and install within seconds. That’s pretty amazing!

In addition to the new announcement of Apps for MAC, we learned that the new MacBook Air will be as Steve Jobs called it, “what happened if iPad and MacBook hooked up.” (Cue angel heavenly music) – Picture below.

Mark your calendars… October 20…um, that’s today! (Go online to get yours now) They start at $999. The larger version will have a 13.3-inch screen and weigh 2.9 pounds, while the smaller one will have an 11.6-inch screen and weigh 2.3 pounds. The larger MacBook Air measures just .68 inches at its widest point, and .11 inches at its slimmest point. I need one.

And one more thing, FaceTime for your Mac now.

New MacBook Air


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