Haters & Hackers

23 Oct


As I was watching the Today Show this morning, Billy Ray Cyrus (Don’t break my heart, my achy-breaky heart) was talking about his daughters (Miley) choice to cancel her Twitter account and he actually said something that made sense… when you make yourself so easily accessible to the public you have to be prepared for “Haters & Hackers”. This holds true whether you’re involved in Social Media personally, or for your business.

Social Media must be monitored as often as possible so here are a 2 ways to keep your name and your brand under close watch:

Google alerts!!! – Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic. I personally use this to track all of my clients, news stories I’m interested in and much more.

Twilert – Twilert is a Twitter application that lets you receive regular email updates of tweets containing your brand, product, service, well any keyword you like.

While the positives of Social Media far outweigh the negatives, it’s important to remain aware of what others are saying because the sooner you catch a Hacker or Hater, the easier and quicker you can put the kabosh on it.


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