Social Media Standards

14 Oct


With Social Media become more and more widely accepted in the corporate world, some standards must be set. Employers should encourage their staff to be brand representatives and using the social web to help grow your company and engage with your customers. But with this new age comes uncharted territory and some standards MUST be set.

You need a social media policy that sets the foundation of your expectations, empowers your employees to tweet or blog without fear, rewards social media problem-solving, and educates staff on things to avoid in both personal and professional status updates. It’s smart business to have a social media policy.

But with the trend so new and fresh, each company must decide for itself what is deemed appropriate for YOUR business. What works for one company may not work for another. I recently came across the Online Database of Social Media Policies. Business like IBM, America Red Cross, and ESPN are making their policies available to the public to view.

Check out the database here to help jump start your companies Social Media Policy. Don’t have time to browse through them? No worries… I’ve listed three that have set the standard for an effective S.M. plan.

1. Kodak – The Kodak Social Media Tips document is available for download as a PDF.

2. Intel – Intel, a very active and social brand, has their social media guidelines published online.

3. IBM – Considered innovators in the social media guidelines space, IBM was one of the first big companies to publish a social policy document and make it available to the public online.


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