There’s an App for that.

11 Aug

We all know by now that “there is an app for that” … and there will be plenty more of them to come. As the Social Media Marketing trend grows by the day, more and more companies want an app. As fun and entertaining as a majority of these apps are, they are blatant marketing messages which we, the consumer, willingly download and visit regularly. What could be more perfect????  A great example is the latest to enter the app store… Mastercards “Priceless Picks” App.

mastercard-priceless072709The iPhone app allows users to upload their own “priceless” favorites into a socially networked nationwide grid. But in a seeming disconnect from the sentimental moments a MasterCard allows one to enjoy, as depicted in its 12-year-old ad campaign, the app seems to encourage consumers to share deals, bargains or simply favorite places they’ve “found,” such as nail salons or florists. MasterCard also has deals with ShopLocal and Not for Tourists, which will also aggregate offer-related picks from merchants.

Don’t expect this app trend to slow anytime soon. It’s smart, low cost and interacts with your consumer on a whole new level.


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