11 Aug

sprint-twitter-birdsAs the hype of Twitter grows by the day and the power of this open-source tool as a marketing tool grows, we as marketers are continuously learning what works and doesn’t work to effectively communicate with our target audience.

At first, the thought behind followers/followees was to follow and be followed by as many people as humanly possible. This quickly became seen as a tool used by “spammers”. While not all mass followers truly are “spammers”, their tactics got them labeled this. Now Twitter is frowning upon this method by limiting the amount of people you can follow per day to 1,000 (in hopes to cut down on the real spammers).

While this may just be my opinion, I think marketers should focus on quality, not quantity of followers. You inevitably want to speak to people who are interested in your product, service and/or message, not somebody who uses an auto-follow tool. At the end of the day, 100 quality followers is MUCH better than 10,000 random people who are probably marketers themselves.

Here is a great, thorough read on the art of following and being followed.

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