The future of MySpace…???

23 Jun

MySpace announced this morning that it will be releasing 300 more employees on it’s international work force. This was on the heels of their announcement that they would be reducing their US work force by 30%. What happened to the Age of MySpace?

MySpace was originally created as an outlet and source for up and coming music artists but it caught on as one of the first “social networks”. It became popular amongst high school and college students. Once Facebook opened its doors to all demographics (and not exclusively college students), the fall of MySpace started.

Facebook & Twitter have brought a whole new level of social networking to the playing field and MySpace just hasnt been able to keep up. Sure, MySpace will stick around but they seem to be going back towards their original purpose, promoting musicians who would otherwise go unnoticed. This might be the one way to keep the site relevant.

What do you think?


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